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Welcome to IMSource, the ULTIMATE Internet Marketing Resource Directory! The purpose of this site is to provide a single source for all the best tools and resources for Internet Marketers.

There are so many products and tools and softwares out there and you may be on a number of different Internet Marketer’s lists, and be distracted and misled by all the shiny objects that you get pitched. So the goal with IMSource is to help clear the clutter.

The truth is there are a lot of great products out there, but just because a product is awesome may not mean it’s awesome for you, or a great fit for what you’re doing in your business at that time.

Several tools I come across that I like I don’t actually take action and purchase them for several months, because we all have other projects and distractions, but when you get around to coming back and taking a second look at that product or tool because you’re now at a point in your business where you need that solution, it would be great to have one single source to quickly reference and come back to, that is why I created IMSource.

I’ve been saving and bookmarking resources for a few years now, and until now they were mostly scattered in various files all over my computer, with no quick and easy access to where I could find what I needed in an organized fashion. So, I initially created IMSource for myself, but thought it might be helpful to other online marketers as well.

It is a work in progress, because there are new products and tools released literally everyday. But, what you will notice on IMSource is that not all of those products and launches are featured. I have a pretty high standard when it comes to products I recommend to others, so if it doesn’t pass my sniff test or it’s not a product I absolutely love, you will not find it on this site. I’m not out to make a quick buck by promoting shitty products. I only want quality.

So, I hope that gives you a good overview of this site and the reason I created it. And I hope you use it and find it to be a valuable resource.