Wanna fast track your success in online marketing? These are the only tools you really need. So, basically, online marketing summed up is…you need to be working towards building an email list. Why? Because it gives you the most leverage. It takes no more effort to send an email to 1 million subscribers than it does to send an email to 15. Now, you may be thinking to yourself, but I like working hard and trying and testing a bunch of other cool and hypey ways to make money online.

Eventually you will get tired and lazy and will no longer desire these things. Trust me. So, why not just start at where you’ll end up anyway and shortcut your path to success?

So, there’s a whole lot of mumbo jumbo out there about the perfect tools, blah blah. However, below are my favorite ones because they’re easy to use, reliable and the best bang for your buck.

GetResponse – This is autoresponder. You will need this tool to capture email addresses and also to communicate with the list that you build. It’s a monthly fee. Stop being cheap and get over it. (they actually have a FREE 30-day trial)

Clickfunnels – This is a squeeze page tool. You will need this to create high converting pages to capture as many leads as possible so you can build your list fast. I love Clickfunnels because it’s super easy to use, has a drag and drop interface and has amazing support.

ClickMagick – This is a click tracking tool. You will need this so you can hold your traffic sources accountable for the clicks you will be buying to send to your squeeze page. You may think this is optional, however this tool is absolutely essential so you don’t get screwed. It also comes with a ton of cool extra features, is dirt cheap, and also has a FREE trial.

Solo Ads – This is how you will get fast, targeted and high quality traffic to your squeeze pages. There are a bajillion solo ad providers out there, but if you’re just getting started there’s no need in wasting your time. Just go with Igor…he’s the most reliable, they have fast and great customer support, and his traffic will allow you to scale before you ever have to consider looking for another traffic source.

These are literally all the tools you need to create a lean six figure per year (or even per month) online marketing business. It’s that simple and what everything comes down to. Sign up for your autoresponder and squeeze page tool. Connect them to each other. Sign up for your click tracking solution so you can track your traffic. Then buy solo ad clicks and give them your click tracking solution link (that redirects and leads to your squeeze page). And keep testing and split testing offers and squeeze pages until you have one that converts. Test small. Scale small. When you’re sure you have a winner, you can begin to scale up your traffic buys and even branch out and try other solo ad traffic sources. Once you build a list, you can remarket to that list again and again with new and relevant offers.

BONUS (optional) – This tool is absolutely not required, however if you have plans of growing a product, service or list virally, I recommend an amazing tool called UpViral, which easily integrates with all of the above mentioned tools.